Corchorus long non-coding RNAs

Long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) sequences are a specialized group of non-coding RNA (ncRNAs), which are characterized by sequence length >200 nucleotides and do not translate into protein molecules.The recent explosion of transcriptome resources from various next-generation sequencing projects has led to mining of lncRNAs in several organisms, including from various plant genomes. These lncRNA sequences can be of four categories viz., intronic, intergenic, sense and antisense, depending upon their spatial relation to protein coding genes.The rising popularity of lncRNA in plants can be ascribed to their involvement in myriad of regulatory mechanisms in plants and controlling important biological process, and also the epigenetic modulations. We computationally identified 4,147 lncRNAs from the published basttranscriptome of jute based on their extremely low coding potential. After a series of filtration process, we finalized this 4,147 lncRNAsequence of jute, which will serve as an important resource to find candidates for epigenetic studies, flowering response under short-day conditions and a variety of biotic and abiotic stress responses. A detailed publication regarding identification and delineation of the jute lncRNA functions is under process.

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