Introduction: Introduction page describes the process and statistics of mined SSR markers from jute unigenes.

About Jute

About Jute: provides brief information on jute as a crop. For details users can browse through quick link section below: “CRIJAF” and “JAFexpert”.


Database: Users may choose to “Browse all” for Cc-eSSR markers one by one. For details information on each marker, users may click the ‘+’ sign button on the left. The GenBank ID with a link to the NCBI “GenBank info”, “Interpro Scan” results and link to “NCBI probe ID” is provided through clicking respective buttons.

The unigene length, sequence and the predicted ORF sequence was also provided for respective markers.


Batch Download

Under the section of “Batch Download” users may choose option to categorically download Cc-eSSR markers in a excel file. After choosing from the dropdown list, results can be downloaded by clicking on the “Download now!” button.


Query Access

Query Access: Users can exercise their own filter/choice to browse or download Cc-eSSR markers either by choosing repeat type, such as di, tri or tetra and specifying appropriate iterations.

Or they can choose to search Cc-eSSR markers by entering repeat motif sequences, such as “AT”, “AAT” or “AAAT”.

Users may also prefer to search Cc-eSSR markers as per the annotations of the unigene sequence harbouring the SSR loci. For e.g. “ubiquitin”. For each search results, users can also download them in excel file by clicking on the “Download now!” button in the result page.

Other JAF markers

Other JAF markers: Markers from other allied fibres will be updated in this page.


Publication: The publication tab provides with hyperlinks to important published articles on jute.