JuteMarkerdb is an integrated web-based relational database to access publicly available molecular markers in jute (Corchorus sp.). The database aims to host molecular markers developed and/or shared by the researchers working on jute. Currently, the database module is available for free public access. This site is best viewed in Google Chrome and Mozila Firefox Latest version and above.

JuteMarkerdb is an user-friendly web-resource to host in silico identified expressed simple sequence repeats (eSSRs) and corresponding primer sequences to amplify flanking DNA from jute (Corchorus sp.).

The non-redundant set of 2079 SSR markers were derived from the C. capsularis variety JRC-212 bast fibre RNA-seq (SRX709726) derived unigene sequences from NCBI (Chakraborty et al., 2015).

The SSR loci were extracted using the softwares MISA and SSRLocator v.1. The JuteMarkerdb is a web-based Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) available in .Net environment with user interactive modules to mine details of the primers and related unigene information.

Users can download the primer sequences in batches or through query based submissions using predefined or user defined criteria. JuteMarkerdb currently includes only expressed/genic SSRs and is expected to be updated further with other functional marker from jute and other allied fibres in future.

JuteMarkerdb may serve as an useful resource for researchers involved in jute breeding and biotechnology for genetic diversity assessment, linkage mapping, association mapping and gene/trait-derived characterization of varieties, landraces, reference genotypes etc.

Please cite us:

Saha D, Rana RS, Chakraborty S, Datta S, Kumar AA, Chakraborty AK and Karmakar PG (2017). Development of a set of SSR markers for genetic polymorphism detection and interspecific hybrid jute breeding. The Crop Journal. 5(5): 416-429.

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